Long Night Facial Mask


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When a hard night results in dull and fatigued skin, you need an adapted skin care. The precious ingredients in this mask will erase the trace of the long night you just had and give your skin its natural glow.

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  • Anti-aging
  • Deep Repair
  • Smooth Wrinkle
  • Caviar Extract
  • Grape Leaf Extract
  • Cananga  Odorata Flower Extract


Step 1. Take the 3D mask out and take it from the extremities

Step 2. Use the middle of the mask suture as the base and put align it with the eyes and the middle of your nose and chin

Step 3. Hook the mask behind your hears

Step 4. Remove the air bubbles stuck between the face and the mask so every part of the face is covered by the mask

Step 5. After 15 to 20 minutes, remove the mask from behind the ears first. Then remove the mask

Step 6. Finally, wipe the remaining essences. You’re ready to apply your daily skincare

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