Instant radiant and revitalized


Instant radiant and revitalized

Caviar Extract Repair Oil, a luxurious skincare essential, combines precious caviar extract with advanced hydration. Encased for potency, it delivers instant radiance and revitalization. Elevate your beauty routine with the opulence of Caviar Capsule Facial Oil.

Brightening Mask

This mask combined Vitamin C extract, Grapefruit extract, Orange blossom extract and Glutathione extract. Provide an extraordinary brightening feel after use.

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UniTouch Brightening Mask

Emollient Mask

Here’s the mask  for you to find your natural skin color as the best foundation. With elegant cherry blossom extract , Raspberry extract and Vitamin B5. Help ruddy skin and keep skin in a healthy state.

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UniTouch Emollient Mask

Energizing Brightening Gold Face Mask

The gold face mask is constructed with superconducting Microcrystalline that provide positive charge. Having a firm and hydrated inner skin layer is the key to an external bright skin.

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Relax Facial Mask

Designed for today’s women. Even you are busy, you still can have time to relax and get back your healthy brightening skin with this facial mask.

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UniTouch Relax Facial Mask

Makeup Facial Mask

Designed for skin care before the application of make-up, active ingredients act as an excellent primer, making it easy to create a refreshing and protective make-up base.

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UniTouch Makeup Facial Mask
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