Facial Oil

Introducing UniTouch’s diverse range of Facial Oils, each crafted to cater to unique skincare preferences. We offer two exceptional formulations to address different needs and indulge your skin in a luxurious experience.


Firstly, let’s explore the Caviar Extract Capsule Oil, an exquisitely refined essence encapsulated in every delicate pearl. Enriched with concentrated Caviar Extract from the depths of the ocean, these capsules deliver intense hydration, antioxidative benefits, and impart a sense of elasticity and fullness to your skin, reminiscent of radiant pearls.


On the other hand, we present our Neroli Essential Oil Blend in a bottled form. This oil-water hybrid seamlessly combines the gentle fragrance and soothing properties of Neroli Essential Oil. Providing a balanced and lightweight skincare solution, this bottled essence deeply moisturizes without feeling heavy, offering your skin a comprehensive nourishing experience with the power of natural botanicals.


UniTouch’s dual offerings in Facial Oils showcase a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality, catering to diverse skincare desires. Whether you choose the encapsulated richness of Caviar Extract or the oil-water harmony of Neroli Essential Oil, each option promises to enhance your skin’s radiance and make your daily skincare ritual a truly indulgent affair. UniTouch, where skincare becomes a dual celebration.

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