Huile Essentielle de Néroli




This facial oil contains neroli flower extract, which produces only one gram with ten thousand flowers, known for its antibacterial and  anti-oxidation properties. With the ratio 1:3 of oil and water, provide your skin a extraordinary feeling of hydration and nourishment.

- +
  • Anti-aging
  • Lock Moisture
  • Smooth & Soothe
  • French Organic Neroli
  • Plant Squalane
  • Ceramide Extract


Step 1. Shake about 5-10 times to fully combine the oil and water.

Step 2. Open the bottle

Step 3. Tilt the bottle at 45 degrees and press the neroli oil on the palm of your hand for about 2-3 times.

Step 4. Use the temperature of your hands to rub the neroli oil and warm it up.

Step 5. Spread evenly on the entire face and neck, massage gently until absorption is complete.


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