Greenest French Beauty Champion | Full Score Winner

Greenest French Beauty Champion | Full Score Winner

Greenest French Beauty Champion | Full Score Winner

As one of LVMH’s three top light-luxury beauty brands, after entering LVMH’s most beautiful department store in Paris in June 2021, UniTouch’s new skincare, Swiss Edelweiss Firming Brightening Cream won the 2021 French CLEAN Green Beauty Award in September. It has zero additives and is free from more than 10,000 identified allergens. As a result,  the product won the unanimous praise of the jury with a full score. Even the INCI Beauty green rankings also named it the world’s greenest sustainable makeup! This also makes Gwo Chyang Biotech the only company in the world to win 12 French beauty contests over seven years.


The world’s greenest sustainable makeup

In order to create a new ecological circle that is friendly to the environment and more natural and gentle to the skin, the management added the Clean Product green makeup competition to the French Cosmetics Awards. In addition to continuing blind sensory evaluation to prevent the strength of the brand from influencing jury evaluations, the jury also evaluated products without brand packaging. At the same time, INCI Beauty professional cosmetics units need to review and evaluate all formulas.

INCI Beauty is a platform for professionals and consumers to analyze the safety indicators of cosmetic ingredients. At the French Clean Green Cosmetics Awards, INCI Beauty sets extremely high standards for more than 10,000 controversial raw materials. The examples of these materials are petrochemical derivatives, MI or MCI chemical preservatives, SLES or SLS interface activators, etc. In total, at least 11,104 kinds of raw materials are deemed controversial or risky to skin health. Thus, they decided to disallow adding them to products. 

Products meeting these standards can be considered the greenest and most sustainable cosmetic products on the global market, and meeting these standards is a very challenging task for R&D teams. In September 2021, we were honored that, after countless brightening skincare formula adjustments and tests, our UniTouch Swiss Edelweiss Firming and Brightening Eye Cream not only won the 2021 French Clean Green Cosmetics Awards. But it also won the unanimous recognition of the jury with full marks.


Award Winning Brightening Eye Cream | A New Skincare Industry Standard

UniTouch skincare Swiss Edelweiss Firming and Brightening Eye Cream is the champion eye cream of the 2021 French Clean Green Cosmetics Awards. Free from more than 10,000 controversial ingredients, the French jury awarded the product full marks.  It also passed INCI Beauty’s highest “green light” evaluation. In addition to these awards and qualifications, this product contains the essence of Switzerland’s national treasure, the edelweiss flower.This flower grows in the Alps at an altitude of about 4000 meters. From this hardy plant, we extracted a compound called leontopodic acid. Leontopodic acid can effectively prevent the damages to the skin from the ultraviolet rays and external environmental pollution.Moreover, it can provide all-round protection for the tender skin around the eyes. 

At the same time, UniTouch Swiss Edelweiss Firming and Brightening Eye Cream uses Butter Ferment System (BFS) technology. This technology is a new biological interface activity system exclusively developed by Gwo Chyang Biotechnology. It uses the power of natural microbial fermentation to transform the plant oils. By replacing traditional synthetic emulsifiers, BFS makes the cream more unique, soft, and dense. Therefore, it becomes suitable for sensitive skin and highly effective for maintaining skin health. The innovation of BFS technology not only changes the traditional mode of oil-water dispersion, but also sets a new standard for the skin care industry.




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