Facial masks are the skincare boosters when we want to achieve better skin or target skin conditions efficiently. Besides being an essential weekly skincare ritual, it is also the go-to product when we have a necessary appointment the next day. But before diving into this beauty world, you should first learn about facial masks and […]

Have you ever used a bubble mask before? If not, this might be a novel thing for you to burst into the new skincare area. It’s not only for pleasure, but could also do so much on your skin! The starring role of today’s bubble mask is formed in sheet mask, which UniTouch has the […]

Dry skin or dehydrated skin, you need to moisturize first! Our body is made up of 70% water, and we can’t live without water, so does your skin. Since it is the largest organ of our body, everything that happens inside your body will reflect on your skin.  To figure out if you have dry […]

Winner of 12 French Cosmetics Top Awards for 7 Consecutive Years Considered the Oscar of French cosmetics, les Victoires de la Beauté has established a multitude of testing methodologies. In addition to being organized by Monadia, the first consumer interest organization in France that is also the largest and the most credible, the use of […]

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