Known as one of the world’s first high-end department stores, Le Bon Marché is famous for its unique fashion curations, distinctive style, and high quality control, and is well-loved by locals and tourists alike. Following the debut of the Unitouch Zero-Additive Jasmine Translucent Mask at Le Bon Marché in 2017, the brand received a tidal […]

  Established in 1869, the La Samaritaine Department Store was closed in 2005. After 16 years and an overhaul of the store with 750million euros in funding from the LVMH, La Samaritaine reopened in Paris this year with a wave-like glass curtain exterior. Unitouch is honored to set up a station at this gorgeous building, […]

  The new product launch of the Unitouch Perfection biofiber masks series was held at Senayan City Mall in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, on February 29, 2020.   The Unitouch Perfection masks series utilizes patented thin biofiber masks fermented by natural strains approved by the US FDA, providing a tightness akin to the second […]

A Dream Forest Created of a Thousand Silver Christmas Trees In 1838, the Videau brothers founded Le Bon Marché at the Rive Gauche, Paris, which has been hailed as “the world’s first high-end department store”.   This year, to celebrate the extraordinary 2020 Christmas holiday, Le Bon Marché has a thousand silver Christmas trees arranged […]

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